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Lil' Angel

Stacie MartinezComment
 Lil' Angel Joey chillaxin in his onesie...and at his baptism. 

Lil' Angel Joey chillaxin in his onesie...and at his baptism. 

I would like to inform everyone that this is not Stacie nor John, but their eldest daughter writing this blog post. My parents are super busy with all my siblings, work, and moving; so they have delegated some work. Maybe we will finally have some regular blog posts going on now.  And just to warn you, there may be some modern humor/sarcasm that my parents might not use. An example is: When people see our ‘Lil’ Angel” onesie, they are like “Aw, this is so cute! I should get it for my niece, nephew, daughter, son, grandchild, friend’s child, dog, fish, etc”...these days you just can’t be too sure.

All kidding aside, we gifted a family friend with this onesie as a baptism gift for their son, Joey. (We customized it too, cause this is a free country and you can do that with this onesie! ) Joey, is such a little angel! Now there might be some who say, “Sweetie, you can not say that a baby is like an angel, or you can not compare the beauty of an angel to a baby.” I’d smile at them and try to think of something clever to say. I’ve got nothing but, “Mam’, it’s just a metaphor,”...while smiling politely, because I am such an angel too. But after thinking about it I finally got it: “If an angel had a body, it would look like a baby.”  Boom!  Well, enough of this debate of angels and baby cuteness. I better not get too off topic or I might not be allowed to write any more blog posts...and I am quite enjoying this.

So, back to the family friend and the onesie. Okay, so we went to Joey’s baptism and it was so beautiful. Out of all the baptisms I have ever been to - and I am the oldest of six kids, I’ve been to A LOT of baptisms - I have never in my sixteen years seen a priest lay hands on and say a special prayer over the baby. I mean, a personal prayer that came from the heart. It was amazing and beautiful, and if I ever have kids I would want my priest to do just that. The ceremony was so God-filled, and I am sure that the family has received lots of graces just from having their little angel.