T-shirt unisex crewneck Crusader "The Knight"

T-shirt unisex crewneck Crusader "The Knight"

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“The Knight” Men’s t-shirt.

“The Devil saw my head down and thought he’d won until I said Amen”. It is the 1st Crusader series shirt we have put it out there. We are called to be the new crusader for the church. We are in a spiritual battle and God has called us to be soldier for Christ.

“We are warriors now, fighting in the battlefield of faith, and God sees all we do; the angels watch and so does Christ.

What honor and glory and joy, to do battle in the presence of God, and to have Christ approve our victory.

Let us arm ourselves in full strength and prepare ourselves for the ultimate struggle with blameless hearts, true faith and unyielding courage.”

The Liturgy of the Hours, August 13 Second Reading from a letter by Saint Cyprian, bishop and martyr.

• 5.3 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton

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