A Divine Mercy Encounter

Derek & Jennifer Nelson sporting their PCC gear.  

Derek & Jennifer Nelson sporting their PCC gear.  

Our friends Derek & Jennifer are a tremendous witness to the faith!  Listen to what is being said about their beautiful and inspirational Divine Mercy Encounter:

The beauty of A Divine Mercy Encounter lies in its simplicity. All that is needed are a couple of microphones and a piano (which can be supplied if one is not available). The Nelsons provide all the materials for publicity beforehand, and the programs and Divine Mercy image for the holy hour. They are excellent communicators who require only about a half hour to set up for the encounter. They only ask that the Encounter be well publicized; however, they are happy to share their gifts with however many, or few, attend. (I believe we had about 75).

My favorite thing about this Encounter is that it is, truly, an encounter. It is not a concert/show where one sits back and gets entertained. The music, composed and played by Derek (angelically accompanied by his 9 year old daughter) is other-worldly beautiful, punctuated with short meditations reverently read by Jennifer. And then there are powerful pauses, giving silence a chance to work its magic.

Jennifer expertly explains the flow of the Encounter at the beginning, gently reminding everyone to please not applaud during the Encounter, rather to direct all the praise to our Lord, who is prominently present, front and center, on the altar in the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

In the last portion of the hour (and they are intentional about keeping the Encounter to one hour), all are invited to share in prayer, which is easily followed in the programs.

The Nelsons are not front and center during the Encounter. They are off to the side, fully aware of the Giver of all gifts. But they are very personable and approachable, available afterwards to share their journey and eager to hear about yours.  A review from the AFF Dir at St. Brendan Navigator, NC.

If you're interested in bringing the Divine Mercy Encounter to your parish, please contact Jennifer at jennels104@gmail.com!