"New Crusaders for the Church"

Where do we begin to talk about the “New Crusaders for the Church”?! Trying to put the right words and meaning behind it, as for some the word Crusades has left a bad taste in the context of the history of the church.

What we are trying to accomplish with our new Crusader Collection is to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters to have the courage and be strong in their faith and take part as the new crusaders for the church in a spiritual sense. Lay people need to stand up for the Lord, defend the Church, and bear witness to the truth and the faith by standing firm in the strength of Christ.

The Knights of Columbus are an example of new crusaders that evolved in the 20th century. Their battles continue as they strive to protect and preserve the institution of marriage and family life and other issues. This 21st century we are in - marriage and family, especially children; are in major danger as the attacks of destroying the very foundation of our society continues.

So to make this blog short - we are calling out people of faith - men & women of God - to stand firm with their faith and be strong, holding the weapon of the rosary to fight against powers & principalities that seek to kill, steal and destroy the Goodness of God on Earth.

Join us to continue the good fight and pray hard for God is with us. Amen.