A few weeks ago, we were in Tampa, FL at the Tampa Convention Center. Boy! what weather we had - it was such a blessing & experience to be there as our family had never been there before. We had a booth for the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM). It was a three day event that invites all youth ministers from across the nation to attend. It was a great experience to see and meet people from all over the United States. We met so many different youth ministers who are really serving and doing God’s work reaching kids, the youth, the future of the church. Awesome & Inspiring!

So while we were there, Cynthia Martinez from the Archdiocese of New York came and stopped by our booth and wanted to share some really good news about this guy (pictured above) who bought something from us at the NY Catholic Youth Day this past October. It was about our “Pray Hard” sweatshirt. He’s been wearing it in the Bronx since he got it. The story goes, as far as I remember (Cynthia correct me if I’m wrong if you by any chance read this post), he’s been wearing it all over his hometown in the Bronx and he’s being stopped constantly by a lot of people asking about his hoodie - they love it and want to know where he got it from? He couldn’t give an answer because he forgot our name! To make the long story short, somehow he got a hold of Cynthia and explained what has been happening to him as he walked around the Bronx with the sweatshirt. She told him that there were only two possible vendors who were selling apparel that day in October and she mentioned our name - and he finally remembered and said YES! that’s who I got it from! Sweet!

With that being said, we were recently talking to Br. Shawn from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and the conversation was about being a great witness. He said that God has called each one of us to be a great witness. God didn’t call us to convert people - that’s His job - not ours. We are just called to give witness.

How we live out our faith is one way to give witness. And another way is to wear something that gives witness to our faith, just like our friend in the Bronx.

Shout out to the Bronx, Peace!