Father & Son Paintball Outing Winter 2018

Hey guys, trying to write a blog as best as I can. I’m not the best writer, our daughter Mckenzie is the writer of the family (takes after my wife). I will do my best to share the story of how the Lord and the Holy Spirit worked through this Father & Son event.

So this was our third annual “Father & Son paintball outing”. We had the privilege this year of having a friar (Br. Thomas, CFR of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal) come out and join us. We had been praying that the Lord would allow it to happen sometime - it was this year that it did…Praise God!

The day is not just for fathers and their sons, it’s for all men; father-in-laws, brother-in-laws, son-in-law, single men/spiritual fathers…but mainly its been dads and their sons. We had a mix of guys who came out and joined us which was excellent!

Anyway, this year we had some great stories that we’d like to share, especially this particular one. Here we go:

One of the dads sat out and was talking to a gentlemen who happened to be the owner of the facility where we had the paintball outing. As they were talking, the owner of the place (I don’t remember his name) said that it was so nice to see a group of guys that were joyful - because most of the time they have people arguing and it gets very competitive.

We always prayed together as a group before we began playing. This year, having Br. Thomas present, we asked him to lead the opening prayer. And on top of that we did a midday prayer during our lunch break and we ended the day with a thanksgiving prayer.

With all of this praying, the owner of the place got to witness this and actually join us in one of the prayers. He even asked the dad who he was talking to, if he was doing the sign of the cross correctly.

What an awesome day! A living witness of our faith can really make a big difference in our culture/society.

So the moral of the story is that everyday we can be that light in the darkness that God has called all of us to be. Even during a game of paintball!

“Be not Afraid” is all throughout the bible - reminding us - He is with us - proclaim the gospel through our daily lives. Amen.

Check out the video.

God Bless,


Stacie Martinez