Tshirt "Viva Cristo Rey"

Tshirt "Viva Cristo Rey"

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"Viva Cristo Rey" unisex crewneck tshirt.

This shirt was inspired from the movie "For Greater Glory".  It was an inspiring movie about the persecution of Catholics in Mexico in the 1920's.  At that time, Catholics (Cristeros) said to one another as a battle cry, "Viva Cristo Rey" which means “Long live Christ the King!”  

Blessed Miguel Pro, a priest at that time would disguise himself in order to offer up Mass and confer the sacraments. At times, he would dress as a cab driver so he could travel undetected through the streets of Mexico, practicing the faith and strengthening the people. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to death even though he was innocent of the crimes for which he was charged. Upon his execution, before a firing squad, he stretched out his arms and exclaimed “Viva Cristo Rey!”. His death was meant to serve as a warning, but it’s only result was that of inspiration.

  • 5.3 oz., pre-shrunk 100% cotton

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