We were recently asked, “What’s the most rewarding thing of what you do?” Hmm…excellent question! Our response, “Meeting awesome people like you and hearing your stories of how you helped bring Christ to others!” Enjoy the stories shared below and please share your story hear, we love being inspired by you!


Pray Hard

This message and image was shared with us from our good and holy friends the Nelson Family:

"This is our friend, Leo Yanas. He is a 4th degree blackbelt, and runs like 10 miles every day through our town and is the town track coach. We bought this shirt for him to evangelize as he runs. He says he's been stopped multiple times from people who say they like his sweatshirt. He also said that he hopes that people who see him running remember to "pray hard!" Leo trains his body, and this shirt is a good reminder to train the spirit too :-)".